Dream Wave Meditation CD

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Enter the Shamanic State of Consciousness
Awaken Psychic Abilities
Access Profound Insights
Listen to Dream Wave Meditation when you want to access higher levels of consciousness. Layered within the soothing sounds of ocean waves, Theta binaural beat frequencies transport you into the twilight of waking and dream consciousness known as 'the Shamanic State.' This profound altered state of consciousness opens the gateway to expanded realms of awareness.

In the shamanic state, dream-like imagery flashes before your mind's eye and you have access to knowledge that exists beyond normal waking consciousness. As you regularly enter the mysterious theta state your mind will open to new worlds of awareness, insight and untold depths of inner peace.

Dream Wave Meditation will awaken dormant areas in your brain to expand awareness and reveal powerful mysteries of your mind.

This is the perfect program to deepen your meditation, awaken psychic abilities practice Self Hypnosis, and for Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga.

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