A New Path to Animal Totems

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In New Paths to Animal Totems, author Lupa provides a new approach to totemism that offers foundations, theories, and practices well beyond the typical pseudo-Native-American animal totem book. Exploring and blending three different models of totem work, you will create your own unique path that adds meaning and vitality to your spiritual practice. The Correspondence Model uses directions, elements, and other correspondences to create a totemic cosmology. The Bioregional Model focuses on local physical and spiritual ecosystems. In the Archetypal Model, totems represent aspects of human personality and experience.
Blending and experimenting with the three approaches provides fresh alternatives whether you are new to totemic work or are looking for a novel way to invigorate your existing practice. Hands-on rituals and meditations bring the particular strength, renewal, and wisdom that totem work creates.

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