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Celebrate female empowerment and enhance your life with inspiration and guidance from the Divine Feminine. Whether you're reclaiming the power of Eve, the mother of us all, or welcoming the winds of change with Oya, the goddesses will guide you toward love, success, and happiness.
More than thirty female deities from many of the world's traditions represent and enhance significant aspects of your life, including your sense of self, strength, love and romance, friendship and family life, work and finances, and lightheartedness. Turn to Buddhist deity Green Tara for safety and protection in times of crisis; unleash your sensuality with Oshun; strengthen your relationships with Egyptian goddess Isis; increase your income with Lakshmi, and more. Evoke the energy of each goddess through rituals, meditation and prayer, wish lists, daydreaming, and many other spiritual and practical exercises. Call upon goddess wisdom to enhance your spiritual development and enrich your life.

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