Feng Shui In 5 Minutes

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Feng Shui in 5 Minutes Feng Shui, Fast and Simple This handy guidebook has been called "the most easy-to-use feng shui book in the world." Feng Shui in 5 Minutes uses the simple yet powerful Dragon Door approach to Feng Shui and a friendly question-and-answer format to help you quickly find the answers you need. This book overflows with helpful tips and low- or no-cost Feng Shui remedies, including easy steps you can take to: *Activate your home''s Golden Prosperity Point, * Attract a marriage proposal, *Enlist the protection of the four House Spirits, *Speed up the sale of your house, *Correct energy imbalances in your house that drain your family, *Apply the Nine Celestial Cures to optimize the energy flow in your home, garden, or workplace, *Discover your Yin moonlight and Yang daylight lucky charms, and use them to bring good fortune.

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