Rose Quartz Raw

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Raw Rose Quartz 2" X 1.5" $4.00 each piece

Benefits for feelings

This gemstone is more of a feminine energy that yields to being compassion, sweet, tolerant, forgiving, nurturing and gentleness. Acquiring all these qualities, one can increase dignity and value to oneself. Rose quartz is also effective in balancing emotions and it can strike an energy that heals broken hearts, those who are suffering from deep emotional disturbance like grief, agony, traumatic experiences, and painful feelings of the past.

Undoubtedly, when one is not shown love in childhood, there is a growing emotional disturbance that is carried as one grows older. Hence, there is difficulty in showing love to anyone. It becomes a vicious cycle of not knowing how to love. Relationships fail and more inner wounds that pertain to love is accumulated within the chambers of the heart. It is also good for easing childhood memories that are still suppressed deep within the subconscious of a person. When the past is healed, an individual can move freely that any emotional ruefulness like regrets, rejection, lack of approval and attention and guilt will be released and healed with this precious gemstone.

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